♥ I'm a butterfly to catch me you have to fly ,just try it if you fail at it don't cry, because butterflies are meant to fly high beyond the sky ♥

I am soar & sweet , I have only just followed my beat this materialistic system I cannot fit.

"All you know about me is naivety & malice ,innocence & frivolity ,intelligence & divagation ,strength & loss
,Stability & perplexity ,Will &panic and anxiety."

I'm seeking spirituality & harmony, love & art are my keys of happiness despite my huge love for darkness & lonliness .

Lost my way....who I am?? where i belong?? my cosmopolitan self-consciousness makes me feel crazy!! I'm Arab I speak Frensh & English , I listen to Japanese & Korean music , I'm found of Italian food ,I often Buy Chinese good , I have a Frensh haircut ,today my dinner was Indian what about tomorrow !!!!! I have a dinner with some friends in a Libanese restaurant .....oh I need a cup of green tea or hot chocolate what about cappuccino no wait I have a class of latino !!!!!!!! what a mess .

Art is my passion , music ,litterature and fashion ,Languages are my cup of tea .

I love birds & butterflies because I wish I could like them fly .